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Destruction of property or vandalism; and Stalking. The length of the CPO will be determined based on the reason for the issuance of the order. If the CPO was issued to protect a victim or witness from harm or intimidation to testify in a criminal case, the length of the CPO will be three years. However, once the defendant has been convicted and sentenced, the CPO is automatically terminated. If the defendant is convicted of a sex offense or domestic violence crime, the judge can issue a protective order preventing the defendant from contacting the victim for 10 years. The CPO will remain valid even if the defendant is in custody.

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Used with the permission of the author. I radioed the flight-test engineer in the control room at the Lockheed Flight Test Center and said, with more that a little trepidation, “Larry, I’m sure I followed the flight-test procedures you detailed me on the mission profile card, but as I reached the first test point on airspeed, angle-of- attack and yaw input, the plane went crazy; it snapped into an inverted nose-down roll.

It really surprised me; it took me over 9, feet to recover. Remember yesterday; it didn’t act like this at all. The F was the first supersonic fighter to move into mass production. As a Lockheed experimental pilot, I felt I was part of the legacy of famous aircraft and intrepid men. It became famous in the Pacific theater of operations. Lockheed also designed, in its renowned “Skunk Works,” the F the first operational jet fighter. I flew the Shooting Star, as it was named, both in gunnery training at Nellis AFB and in Korea in preparation for my first combat mission.

The F was born in Kelly Johnson’s famous “Skunk Works” the design aim was to produce a supersonic fighter that would have a performance capability in excess of Mach 2 and combat altitude of over 60, feet. So, although I was a lone in the cockpit, that day trying to figure out what went wrong at 30, feet, I was in the company of esteemed designers, builders and widely known experimental flight test pilots. But the electronic mechanism designed to send signals from the test aircraft to the control room had malfunctioned; none of the data collected was usable for studying past performance before planning the next experimental flight.

When you hear about aircraft accidents today, the familiar word is the importance of recovering the “flight data recorder.

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Analog-to-digital conversion[ edit ] KVEA shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 52, on June 12, , as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television. California Highway Patrol officer Guillermo Preciado later joined the newscasts as a traffic reporter. The news team’s lineup introduced the idea of familia unida a united family implemented by news director Al Corral, who based the concept on his belief that Hispanics are loyal to what they know and shy away from news from other sources.

KVEA then introduced Noticiero 52 with graphics, music, and an anchor team:

The Discovery Center is a science education center founded in that offers memorable hands-on learning experiences. Visitors will find themselves curious about and stimulated by the many hands-on exhibits that discuss the mysteries of physical and environmental sciences.

This is one of those stories that so far I can only attribute to local urban legend dating back from World War II. As the story goes a tall muscular apelike humanoid with long claws, gray hair, and ram-like horns on the top of its head lurks around the area of Santa Paula in Ventura County. This ram headed monster calls the area known as the Camulos Ranch its home. Some stories attribute the location of its nest as being closer to Wheeler Canyon Road, although most state that it lives in the dairy and ranch specifically.

Referred to as the Billiwhack Monster, the creature has tormented mostly high school students from the Santa Paula High School. It has thrown large fifty pound rocks at their cars and even pounded on the hoods of their automobiles leaving dents. It has also been reported to carry around a large club. In the fifties, a nine year old boy reported being attacked and clawed by a weird animal near the Billiwhack Dairy.

He had scratches across his arms and back. Another reference to the creature was in when it terrorized several hikers for several hours and thus made headlines in a local newspaper. Which newspaper I’m unsure of. Also in , a Los Angeles Times article reported that deputies found a young boy carrying a sword off to slay the beast. The same article reports that a woman who leased the land once had to hold off 43 monster seeking children with a shotgun until authorities arrived.

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Additional links to images of similar bottles are also frequently included. The array of references used to support the conclusions and estimates found here – including the listed dating ranges – are noted. Additional information and estimates are based on the empirical observations of the author over 50 years of experience; a fact often but not always noted. Various terminology is used in the descriptions that may be unfamiliar if you have not studied other pages on this site.

Barstow City Hall East Mountain View Street Barstow CA Barstow Health Departments Health Departments maintain and preserve vital records for a state, county, or local government, and Health Departments make these records available to the ://

Volunteers from Quail Unlimited are onsite as caretakers of the buildings and grounds. Type C Wildlife Area. Dove, quail and rabbits may be present. Camping in parking lot at entrance to headquarters and also at the Harvard Road “dove” field. Scroll to the Table of Contents. Locate the page number for general regulations for public uses on all Department lands. For additional regulations that apply only to certain properties, check the Table of Contents for sections that refer to additional or property-specific regulations for wildlife areas or ecological reserves.

All visitors are responsible for knowing and following the general and property-specific regulations. Remnants of the fort can still be seen about one mile from the headquarters buildings. In , the land and buildings were sold to a civilian stockman and the military mission was finished. At one time, the property was planned and developed for an Arabian horse ranch. Although structures were built for this purpose, this venture never materialized.

Historically, wildlife has been hunted along many areas of the Mojave River. The previous landowner considered developing the area into a private hunting club for upland game and waterfowl species.

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Donations can be made to: He will be missed, and in my thoughts. Good bye, you will be missed.

Matthew B. Wallin is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at Wallin & Klarich. He approaches each case as an opportunity to help an individual at a time when they need it most and understands that he is the one they have turned to for help.

It also contains a series of volcanic ash horizons intercalated within the sedimentary sequence. One of the most recognizable layers of the Barstow sequence is the Skyline Tuff. The resistant Skyline Tuff stands in relief and forms the top of many of the cliffs in the Barstow Syncline, particularly in Rainbow Basin. Stratigraphically, it forms the base of the upper member of the Barstow Fm.

Published geochronological work on this important marker bed is limited to K-Ar ages of diagenetic? Unlike many of the ashes in the Barstow Fm. Single sanidine crystals were co-irradiated along with an inter-lab monitor standard cross calibration. We anticipate that by using the ages of these samples, we can directly compare the Skyline Tuff age with the biotite derived ages on the “Dated” and Hemicyon Tuffs. Better age control on the Skyline Tuff may therefore have important implications for calibration of the Barstow magnetostratigraphy, biochronology of the early to middle part of the Barstovian NALMA, and will improve correlation with endemic Great Plains faunas of middle to late Barstovian age.

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Inherently these closure types saw wide use for many types of bottles – implying higher than usual functionality – and because of that also experienced a long time span of use. This unfortunately limits the utility of the closure adding much refinement to the dating of a bottle that these closures are found on. The earliest closure types for bottles were crude and variably effective.

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The Mojave desert is a mineralogically rich area. One small town of less than 30, people serves as a great jumping off point for dozens of fantastic collecting sites. You can be sure that enough time spent in the loving folds of the Cady mountains will reveal some mind blowing treasures to the lapidarist. Top Notch Agate being cut into slabs. A sampling of cabochons made from material found in the Cady and Alvord Mountains Just a few miles outside of Barstow you hit the Calico Mountains with a vast silver district, an amazing series of borate deposits, celestite for days, tons and tons of fine selenite and ample supplies of petrified palm root just pouring out of the hills…and silver lace onyx and calcite concretions that can have celestite and quartz replaced spiders and flies inside!

That is just the things you can find in a small mountain range just four miles north of highway 15! Polished Celestite from one of the many celestite deposits found along with the Borates of the Calico Mountains Gem crystal clusters of Colemanite are found in the Calico Mountains, ready to come home with you! One of the reasons Barstow is such a great starting point for rockhounding in this area is the prime location.

Just 2 hours north-east of Los Angeles and 2 hours south-west of Las Vegas, this town has most everything you need for traveling in this area. Convenience is what Barstow provides and there is no reason why that is not a good thing! Just a half hour south of Barstow, and conveniently, a half hour closer to the LA Basin, the Mining Supplies and Rock Shop of Hesperia proposed this project, wanting to provide a field guide for the local area to visitor to their rock shop.

The shop runs a very robust field trip service, providing guided field trips once a month to locations around the High Desert. Justin wrote the text and Brandy designed the maps, as you can see in the sample below.

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Guides are updated on an ongoing basis. We spend a lot of time in the City of Angels, therefore this section is continuously updated with new and updated reviews as time permits. Monday is the worst day to spend visiting museums in Los Angeles as by numbers, most of the museums are closed but not all.

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In the U. The tidal area of the base is not scheduled for closure. The city has had many meetings on this subject and any plan for reuse is subject to approval by the Navy. The County Connection provides limited public transportation in the city and to other points in the county. Buchanan Field Airport is a public county-owned airfield in the City of Concord. The paper was originally run and owned by the Lesher family. Since the death of Dean Lesher in , the paper has had several owners.

The publisher also issues a weekly paper, the Concord Transcript for Concord and nearby Clayton. The city is also served by Concord Patch , a local news website covering community news and events, and by a news and talk blog called Claycord. Radio[ edit ] Concord falls within the catchment area of many high-power San Francisco Bay Area radio stations although some stations from Sacramento are also available.

The commercial station brands itself “Diablo Valley’s hometown station” and plays a mix of current hits and those from the last few decades.

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Pisgah lava field is predominantly pahoehoe with some aa. Because of the fresh nature of these flows Pisgah’s activity is considered to have been recent. Pisgah is to the north and Sunshine Cone to the south. Pisgah Crater is the youngest vent and is a cinder cone that dominates the surrounding landscape with a height of ft. It is presently being mined for aggregate.

Pisgah is just east of Barstow, CA.

If someone asked you what you think of when it comes to fun family days out in California, what comes to mind? Los Angeles and enjoying the magic of Disneyland .

The hard part is that even though some of these areas pop up multiple times and are truly great places, a lot of this is going to be based on individual experiences or isolated events…. Even my white friends here from other cities even in NC or parts of the country have expressed this sentiment. A lot of young people do online dating here..

A lot of people here come from surrounding towns that are not very progressive. A friend from California and I were talking about how dating sucks down here for black women. I said down here, you could be damn near perfect and still not get that much attention. As far as Kannapolis, NC…. My ex and some of his family lived in Kannapolis, so I spent a lot of time there…. A lot of middle aged people and families.

If you are looking for young, single, educated men i would advise you to look elsewhere. I only lived there as a child in the 90s, but there was still a lot of racism… Karla MySmile I heard the same about Asheville too. We met at college here in Raleigh and just felt comfortable settling here to raise our family.

I would probably add Cary, NC to the list as well due to its proximity and similarity to Raleigh.

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The bustling site lies in the center of the San Joaquin Valley and is named after the collection of ash trees lining the San Joaquin River. In the 80s, Fresno flourished with an addition of more stylized architecture and electric streetcars. Many of these structures can be seen today as visitors walk down Fulton Street and explore Downtown Fresno. The Sicilian immigrant started dedicating his time to the acre man-made creation in and continued until his death in Visitors are invited to explore the spectacular features, which include a winter bedroom, a summer bedroom, a kitchen, a parlor with a fireplace, and a fishpond.

Lovers of architecture will be enthralled with the archways and beautiful stone walls. Visitors will enjoy browsing the innumerable number of plants, some of which are over 90 years old. The Discovery Center, Fresno, California The Discovery Center is a science education center founded in that offers memorable hands-on learning experiences. Visitors will find themselves curious about and stimulated by the many hands-on exhibits that discuss the mysteries of physical and environmental sciences.

The exhibit areas focus on electricity and magnets, paleontology, natural sciences, space, and Native American basketry and artifacts. The Discovery Center 3. Woodward Park, Fresno, California Woodward Park is the largest regional park in Central Valley and is packed with amenities, promising visitors a wonderful outdoor adventure.

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