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History[ edit ] Mobil was one of the most notable early adopters of a similar technology, and offered their ” Speedpass ” contactless payment system for participating Mobil gas stations as early as Although Mobil has since merged with Exxon, the service is still offered at many of ExxonMobil ‘s stations. Freedompay also had early wins in the contactless space with Bank of America [3] and McDonald’s. The first contactless cards in the UK were issued by Barclaycard in Belgacom ‘s Pingping , for example, has a stored value account and via a partnership with Alcatel-Lucent ‘s Touchatag provides contactless payment functionalities. In January , Barclaycard partnered with mobile phone firm Orange , to launch a contactless credit card in the UK. Google Pay is an application for devices running Google’s Android OS, which allows users to make purchases using NFC , which initially required a physical secure element but this was replaced by host card emulation which was introduced in Android 4. Softcard formerly known as Isis mobile wallet , Cityzi and Quick Tap wallets for example, use a secure SIM card to store encrypted personal information. Contactless payments with enabled mobile phones still occur on a small scale, but every month an increasing number of mobile phones are certified. The partnership will promote the development of “contactless mobile payment systems” by creating a universal platform in Europe for it.

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HighRisk Gateways is a Authorize Marketing Partner to Sell the USA Based High Risk Payment Gateways/Merchant Services In India and similar countries as .

Sep 6, Xcbill. E-commerce is a sphere of business that helps spread the word like wildfire, which in turn booms productivity and profit. With its rising popularity, people have often tended to hook themselves up to a payment gateway website so as to make their online payments easier and more secure. One of the downsides is that not all the gateway websites hold the same importance as the few reliable ones. While there have been a few claims about the xcbill. Several of the reviews have claimed that xcbill.

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In this context, online dating merchant account plays a vital role through which you can find people for companionship and love. According to studies, around 46 percent people find their lifetime partners with online dating services. There are several online dating merchant accounts. Likewise, Tinder, JDate, eHarmony along with a number of mobile application and websites to suit your interests.

Payment gateway — to accept payments online you need a payment gateway. Use CashFlows’ solution or easily integrate via a third party Use CashFlows’ solution or easily integrate via a third party Virtual terminal — where you can enter card details securely on .

The payments that come from the site users may be due to: Selecting a proper payment service provider is one of the most important things to consider when you create a dating site. Think about your audience Do a research. What are the preferences of your audience? Depending upon whether you are going local or global, support of different currencies and countries may be important. Some payment providers offer limited coverage, so pay close attention to that.

You may wish to be able to accept cash as well. Watch out for hidden fees Setup, monthly, and transaction fees are the most important charges to consider. However, there usually are more fees associated with a payment gateway. The lowest bidder may not always be the best choice. Read the service terms and conditions carefully.

Check for fees related to cancellations and withdrawals.

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We have a global network of banking institutions and are able to offer Credit Card Processing in Tunisia and other countries for businesses. Other payment processors in Tunisia may not offer services for businesses that they consider high risk, such as forex brokerage firms. At HighRisk Gateways, we work with high risk businesses on a regular basis and can set up virtually any legally operating business in Tunisia with a merchant account.

black dating online young adult dating horny woman old A fully automated dating site as adultfriendfinder you can instantly accept payments by credit card through a payment gateway such as PayPal. There they are asked to enter their personal details and other relevant details about them.

Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to find payment processers that will allow adult entertainment merchants to use their service. This is primarily because adult websites are considered high risk merchants due to the large number of account cancelations, chargebacks, fraud, and charge disputes. Fortunately, there are a variety of credible adult payment gateways which can be used for an adult website. Keep in mind, that many merchants will charge higher processing fees for adult websites since they are considered high risk merchants.

CCBill Payment Gateway CCBill is has been around since and is currently processing payments for more than 30, websites worldwide. Not only do they provide an all-in- one e-commerce solution but also boast aggressive fraud protection and risk management services. CCBill features a variety of tools and capabilities which are critical for adult entertainment websites.

For example, they offer tools which allow for dynamic pricing which is essential for dating-related adult websites. Additionally, CCBill makes it easy for users to quickly purchase additional content which is important for live entertainment or pay- per-minute monetization. Finally, CCBill allows for a global reach with a variety of international payment methods. Epoch Payment Gateway Epoch also accepts a variety of global payment methods in over a dozen languages.

Epoch has the ability to bill consumers in a number of ways including recurring billing, per unit billing, one-time billing, and one click billing. Additionally, Epoch provides a full-featured processing solution with all-inclusive rates. The best part is the volume discount is applied automatically without the need for any reserve funds.


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Oct 01,  · An offshore casino merchant account enables the merchant to process international payment thus giving best opportunity to expand business globally. Reasons are many to get online casino merchant account for your high-risk gaming and casino business.

Using underhanded SEO techniques can get your website banned from the search engines Each search engine has its own rules and ranking methods SEO , or Search Engine Optimization, is a way of planning web pages out in advance to best make use of search engine algorithms. If you have a question about SEO , please ask in the space provided. Why Search Engine Optimization is Necessary With new websites and pages being indexed by the search engines every day, it is easy for a site to get lost in the shuffle.

While it would be nice to think the cream would rise to the top and only the best sites would show up for a given search, this is not the case. Larger, established sites, and sites using underhanded techniques often push otherwise relevant pages down in the results to the point where, at times, they are not even found.

With a few well placed keywords and related keyword phrases , you can let the search engines know that your web page is a great source of information on any given subject.

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Do differences in payments processing services actually matter for online businesses? You bet they do! The choices you make when setting up a high risk ecommerce business matter a great deal.

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When trying to clarify the technology behind online credit card processing and the terminology we try to provide the most up-to-date information and a comprehensive knowledge base. One of the most hard to understand things when dealing with online CNP card not present transactions is the mixing up of the terms used and their corresponding definitions. An e-Commerce merchant account is basically a service for which e-Commerce merchants apply, and thereafter use online credit card processing services; just like you would expect an e-mail account to work for you providing SMTP and POP3 i.

E-Commerce merchant accounts are acquired from either merchant banks or MSP merchant service providers , as already stated above. The process of acquiring, or applying for, an e-Commerce merchant account is different and depends on the provider itself terms, guidelines and conditions , the type of e-Commerce merchant account and the e-Commerce merchant. For example, some types of e-Commerce merchant accounts can be setup in just a few minutes, while others will take days to approve a merchant.

Fees and rates will also differ much. Some of the types of e-Commerce merchant accounts are: Also known, in some cases, as an international merchant account. A payment gateway can be called the relay between the e-Commerce merchant account affiliated website online shop and the merchant bank, which is also connected to a large network of credit card issuing banks.

One of the other main functions of credit card processing payment gateways, besides communication, is encryption. A payment gateway uses SSL bit encoding technology to encrypt and decrypt all the data being sent through it. Safety and security in online credit card processing is a very vital point. Understanding how a payment gateway works is important as to know, for example, why and where an error occurs that may lead to unsanctioned use, malfunction, etc.

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Cleveroad Subscribe The days of meeting someone special in parks, cafes or shopping malls are gone. The world has never been so connected as it is now. It’s the Internet that connects people when the lack of time and dynamic pace of lives push them away from each other.

A fully automated dating site as adultfriendfinder you can instantly accept payments by credit card through a payment gateway such as PayPal. If for some reason well, trust was not built in one stage, do not progress to the next level of intimacy until it does.

Credit Card processing business is massive in terms of revenue and geography. This allows you to sell your services to not only your country but also in countries where do not have representation. This can truly give a global recognition to the organization and help you increase your net worth. The entire world is experiencing a transformation from the cash economy to cashless economy. The cashless economy depends on transactions powered by Credit, Debit, Ewallet and Electronic Checks.

As a merchant service consultant , you can start selling services by creating an association with service providers. Once you get into an association with various service providers you can offer these services directly to business owners.


Testimonials Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with services that have been effectively used in marketing for as long as marketing exists. I was extremely impressed with the quality and timely fashion eData Group had our company up and running with a merchant account. They are real pros and their timely payout and explicit reports are great, so I wont be thinking twice about continuing our business relationship.

A fully automated dating site as adultfriendfinder you can instantly accept payments by credit card through a payment gateway such as PayPal. Just be certain that you will distribute all your personal and confidential information until you are comfortable that the dating service is one for you.

Casino industry reached far from the traditional to the more elaborate and convenient one. The casino industry is fast growing and very competitive. People are now playing online games on websites and web-based app and the number is increasing steadily. For this reason, there are many online casino websites surging from left to right.

If you own a functional app or a website that offer games and betting options that attract the customers. You are required to obtain a seamless credit card processing to accept card payments in all major currencies with low card rejection rates. An online casino merchant account enables the merchant to control the entire business transactions. While acquiring high-risk credit card processing for casino merchant account the merchant eliminates the hassle regarding high-volume sales, credit card chargebacks, refunds, and frauds.

The one who holds the casino merchant account gives seamless payment services to customers. Online casino merchant account facilitates merchants with not just a moderately easier edge for their customers but also offers unlimited benefits that include: Safe International Payment Processing with Secure Transaction It protects merchant against credit card frauds with high-end tools integrated Accept multi-currency payments There is some casino merchant account which offers cost-effective fees with real-time Casino merchant account is highly secure with SSL encrypted while merchants get extra protection from fraudulent activities and online theft.

There is certain casino merchant account provider who provides online reporting facility. Hence, merchants can view a daily report of the transaction which enables to control business activities.

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Are there any online dating sites that accept PayPal as a form of payment? Do dating sites accept PayPal? PayPal is the best known third-party payment processing system in the United States and other parts of the world. It has earned a strong reputation for speed and safety when making online payments.

This bitcoin payment gateway offers a free cap of $1, worth of daily transactions and $10, annual transactions before it levies a 1% transaction fee. This makes it .

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